Social Media Marketing Course In Lahore

Social Media Marketing Course In Lahore

The marketing and advertisements trends have evolved into modern ways to tackle market competitions among thousands of companies. Social media marketing is the most chief component in connecting with the masses in this regard. SMM attracts people to build better connections and increase sales.

You can use any social media platform to build any brand by advertisement and other marketing tools. To pursue this you can learn social media marketing online course from any certified institution in the country. To work professionally you can also have social media marketing training from them.

Social media marketing ranges on all social media platforms. These platforms involve different tools in publishing your content. Hence engage followers, work on objectives and analyze results. These platforms help to achieve success in your business and work. There is no particular Top social media marketing platform for a specific goal. Here are listed major platforms to understand.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

Facebook allows users to have a variety of marketing tools. This includes highly paid advertisements to individuals and companies. You must have a Facebook ad course to use this effectively. Several noticeable institutions are offering Facebook course in Lahore at a reasonable price.

Facebook marketing is the most prominent medium to use for these purposes. It ranges from small to the biggest market business. This diversity helps in advance and beginners Facebook advertising work for all segments. Get Facebook training courses from professionals.

Visual marketing holds a major section among marketers on different social media platforms. People retain higher information when ads are described in image forms. That’s why Instagram helps in building vast marketing advertisements. Instagram Course gives us all psychological tactics to gain more followers and sales.

In order to be a successful social media influencer in marketing trends, you must have all the essential apparatuses. Multiple trainers have developed particular ways to use Instagram in marketing strategies. Instagram training will eventually lead you to the top in organizing better social media marketing strategies.

In recent years Twitter has managed to get a central place in providing quick and verified source information to the people. This makes it a valuable social media site for every brand out there in the market. A Twitter course specifically tells experiences about the promotion of products and the interaction of customers.

LinkedIn was established as a professional networking site for job seekers. Today it has evolved into an extremely useful marketing platform. LinkedIn advertising routes allow mega-companies to individual people in creating their profiles for any such work. This LinkedIn manages ads for uploading all confidential data of customers.

Unlike all other social media sites, YouTube offers a goldmine of opportunities in marketing. A YouTube SEO course teaches you all the necessary stuff to grab attention. To understand top-level execution of marketing you should learn a YouTube marketing course. These courses are offered by several institutions in both online and face to face modes.

Lecture 1 Introduction

  • Why Social Media Marketing is important?
  • How Social Media Networks effect Business Marketing Strategy?
  • Define the Problem and Solution.
  • Develop Marketing Research Plan.
  • How to collect Relevant Data and Information for marketing

Lecture 2 Facebook Marketing

  • How to create Facebook Page?
  • What the main features of Facebook features?
  • What are the Logo and Banner Images size?
  • How to increase Facebook Followers?
  • How to assign Page Role on Facebook Page?
  • How to Create events, offers and shop?
  • How to use Canva for image editing?

Lecture 3 Facebook Audience

  • Determine Audience
  • Types of FB Audience
  • Build right target audience
  • Targeting Audiences
  • Audience Insights

Lecture 4 Creator Studio and FB Page Advertisement

  • Brief Intro of FB Creator Studio
  • Boost FB page Post
  • How to increase Page Like and Call to Action Setting
  • Leads and website Traffic setting
  • Automated Ads

Lecture 5: Ads Manager Setting

  • Best Ads Strategy
  • Which ads is perfect for ecommerce website?
  • How to create Facebook Ad Account?
  • How to Add Payment in Ads Manager?
  • How to add people in Ads Manager?
  • How to setup spending limits of payment?
  • Ad Objective (Brand Awareness, Conversation, Messages, Reach, Lead Generation)

Lecture 6: Facebook Campaign Setup

  • How to set Campaign Objectives?
  • Ad Placement and budget Plan
  • Bid strategy and branded content
  • Duplicate, Edit, and Delete Campaign
  • Ads Reporting and Invoicing

Lecture 7: Facebook Monetization

  • What is Facebook Monetization strategy to earn money?
  • Facebook Page Monetization Requirement and Policy
  • How to find copyright free videos?
  • How to promote videos in groups?
  • How to earn money though instant articles?
  • How to setup instant articles?
  • How to Links with domain?
  • How to upload free content?

Lecture 8: Facebook Messenger Marketing

  • How to set Page messaging settings?
  • How to Set Facebook Automatic messages on pages
  • How to create best conversation strategy?

Lecture 9: Instagram Marketing

  • How to create Personal and Business Instagram accounts?
  • How to create Sales strategy from Instagram?
  • Instagram Marketing Algorithm
  • Setup of Account Name, Username
  • How to create Hash Tag for marketing?
  • Caption and Content Planning
  • What is influencer marketing strategy?

Lecture 10: Instagram Advertising

  • How to create Instagram Ads for Business and Blogging?
  • Types of Instagram Ads( Stories, Feed, and Messages)
  • How to create Video campaign in Instagram?

Lecture 11: Twitter Marketing Setup

  • Establish Twitter Account
  • Tweet Content and Tagging
  • How to create trending tweet to increase traffic?
  • How to increase twitters followers for business?
  • How to create twitter ads?
  • Twitter Analytics and ads strategy

Lecture 12: Pinterest Marketing

  • How to create Pinterest Marketing?
  • What are the benefits of interest for ecommerce and blogging sites?
  • How to set business Pinterest setting?

Lecture 13: LinkedIn Marketing

  • Introduction of LinkedIn
  • How to create personal and business LinkedIn?
  • How to generate LinkedIn Campaign?
  • How to increase Traffic and Leads from LinkedIn?
  • Post creation and connection with people
  • LinkedIn Business Page Setting

Lecture 14: YouTube Marketing

  • How to create YouTube Channel?
  • YouTube Channel Art and Logo Creation
  • YouTube Video Title and Description
  • YouTube Tags
  • How to find copyright free videos?
  • YouTube Mentation Strategy and requirement?

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